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Not Sure if You Should Sell or Convert Your Home into a Long-Term Rental?  Get a 100% Free Home Valuation and Find Out What Your Home is Worth!

When it comes to Team Work, Team Lally is the best!. Great communication and customer service. Adrianne and Attilio kept us updated during the entire process of selling our home. The entire helped us through the process and gave us great advice. Thank you Team Lally!!!
Maria L.

I wanted to write you and say thank you so much for all of the work you did to sell my condo. Your team did what two other realty agencies couldn’t, and I truly appreciate it. If I’m ever looking for a house in Oahu or know anyone who is, you will be the first people to call.
Jacob A.

If we can’t sell your home within 28 days upon agreed price, we’ll buy it from you!

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Option 1: Wait until October 2020 and File for a NUC.

Waiting a year to apply can be hard on you and your income. However, if you want to continue with your short-term rental you are going to have to wait.  Also, know that not everyone will get approved since there is limited number of NUC permits allowed and there is no way to short-list yourself. 

Team Lally is currently ranked in the Top 5 Real Estate Team in the State of Hawaii for Sales & Volume! Adrienne Lally, President of Team Lally has been awarded 7-time consecutive years place in Hawaii Business Top 100 Realtors in Hawaii. The awards include one of the top ranked teams in all production categories including homes sold, Gross Commission Income and number of listings taken and sold. 

 We have a database of over 5,000 prospective renters in the Oahu area who are always looking for good homes to lease. Between our contacts and our pro-active marketing plan, we have no problem making a written guarantee that we will have a signed lease on your home or we will pay the rent ourselves.

What’s unique about your home?

Are there unique features about your home that are positive selling points? We consider those details when completing your home evaluation.

We tell you, in your custom review, the actual selling price of condos in your building! Not just an average selling price in the general area.

We show you the building numbers

Daily research, along with years of experience, gives us a deep understanding of market conditions and current trends.

We are experts in the local real estate market

Team Lally will do a complete Competitive Market Analysis on your home and give you the value of your home for free. This way you can make a better and educated decision about either selling your home with our guarantee or converting your home into a long-term rental with our rental guarantee program. 

That is a great question, at this point most people are concerned about loss of income or some are even just selling their property to cash out and move into the resort district.  However, there are three major options you can do and we are here, at Team Lally, to help with each of these to help ensure you have a smooth process. 


Option 2: Sell Your Short-Term Rental Quickly to Prevent any Loss of Income

Option 3: Convert Your Short-Term Rental into a Long-Term Rental

With our 30+ years combined of experience and knowledge in real estate, we can work with you to get that top dollar and we will Guarantee You Results – otherwise we will pay you for our shortcomings! We are willing to place ourselves accountable for the promises we make, so if we fail to sell your home at a price acceptable to you, we will buy it for cash! 

Download Bill 89 to Read All the Details That are now in Effect! 

Some Questions Short-Term Renters are Asking:

With the Bill 89 Now in Effect, You Can

With the booming market of short-term rentals (Bed and Breakfast), Hawaii's government is trying to regulate the housing market and protect homeowners who live in Hawaii full-time.  We know how this new Bill can affect you and we are here to help you navigate through the process and give you options. Download Bill 89 Today!



How it Works: Before you start jumping through all the standard hoops of putting your property on the market, Team Lally will name a price. If your home hasn’t sold by the end of the 28-day contract, you can breathe a sigh of relief—Team Lally will buy it!  

Same Marketing Muscle: Even if you sign the Guaranteed Sold contract, we will still ensure that you get all the benefits of the Team Lally marketing machine to get your money’s worth. You’ll receive all the same thoughtful guidance through the process from listing to closing, all without the pressure of a sale.

Zero Catch: You can rest easy knowing that your Honolulu area home will be off your hands when it’s all over—no matter what. If you decide to opt out, that’s okay—we want the best results for you no matter what, and are happy to help optimize your experience. 

If you’re not sure whether your property qualifies, all you have to do is reach out for more info. Team Lally would be happy to help you better understand the Guaranteed Sold program—just ask!

Ready to start, but not sure where to begin? Choose one of the three options below! 

Sell My Home Quickly >>

Sell Your Short-Term Rental Property

You want to sell and we can help you with this!  We can even offer your Guaranteed Home Sold for those properties that qualify. 

Let's Talk About Converting >>

Convert Your Short-Term Rental Property

Through our Property Management Company, we can help you list your rental property into a long-term rental and keep your additional income coming in.

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Contact Team Lally and Discuss Your Options Today!

You still not quite sure what to do? Then contact Team Lally today and we can help you walk through your options and help point you in the right direction for your situation.  

I have a short-term rental that I am listing on AirB&B, what options do I have with Bill 89 now in effect?

Thinking About Turning Your Home into a Long-Term Rental? 

I own an unhosted, “whole house,” or Transient Vacation Unit. I pay taxes. Can I continue to advertise online and in the local newspaper?

After August 1, 2019, only if the dwelling has a NUC or is located in a resort area. Advertising long-term rentals are not affected.

What are the fines for illegal advertising?

Owners of the property involved in illegal advertising will be notified, and if the advertisement is taken down within 7 days of receiving the notice of violation, no fine will be imposed for a first offense. If not taken down within 7 days of receiving the notice of violation, an initial fine of $1,000 may be imposed, and there may be additional daily fines for each day the advertisement remains on display, and fines for recurring violations.

If you are legally operating, you can go about your business as usual. If you are illegally renting, the decision is yours as to whether to continue the illegal use. But after August 1, we are enforcing Ordinance 19-18.

I have bookings through the rest of the year. What should I do?

To read all the questions and to learn more about Bill 89, Download the free Bill 89 today!

Consider these things, with our Property Managment Company, HiPacific Property Management, and reduce the stress with our "Guaranteed Lease" Option. 

Contact HiPacific Property Management Today >>

What Is My Guaranteed Lease Price?  year. What should I do?

Once we complete a thorough examination of your home we will perform a detailed market analysis and lay the entire pricing structure / suggestion out BEFORE we start marketing your home.

Why do you Offer a Lease Guarantee?

 We offer this program because we have been doing this long enough that we know what marketing strategies work and don’t work. We have a database of over 5,000 prospective renters in the Oahu area who are always looking for good homes to lease. Between our contacts and our pro-active marketing plan, we have no problem making a written guarantee that we will have a signed lease on your home or we will pay the rent ourselves.

 Do I Have To Do The Guaranteed Lease Program? 

NO, this program is not for everyone. If you elect not to get involved in the “Guaranteed Lease” contract, we will still implement our complete marketing plan to lease your home to the right tenant in the shortest amount of time. 

Download Bill 89 Now >>